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We had a lot of fun playing the game, not sure we laughed in the right places but we enjoyed it none the less :D

Thank you.

This was a very fun game! The ambiance was fantastic, the story kept me on edge, and the difficulty was well fitting for the length of the game. If the game was any longer, I would have preferred something more lenient in difficulty, but overall I was satisfied. Great job and if there's chance of a sequel (there totally is), I'll be looking forward to it!

Feel free to check out my playthrough!

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im going to be honest. my hand hurts from spamming. but other than that it was really good for what it was. I love the art style and the story.

Hi there. I took a crack at Sabrina, due to my love for RPG Maker horror games.

First of all, it is IMMENSELY atmospheric thanks to the great sound and overall look of the house, and I adore the deliciously wicked direction the story takes, so good job there. It's definitely a good little spook-story.

But the main problem lies with the way the QTEs are implemented. They are not inherently bad, but they are entirely too unforgiving. You have next to no way of surviving the initial danger if you do not know ahead of times which buttons to press, and a latter segment requires you to find a location under time pressure, despite having had no time to explore the house beforehand - and even when you KNOW where it is, you can barely make it with more than one misstep. And this is without going over a later struggle that shows next to no indication of what the right approach is. Combining this with gigantic, mood-breaking buttom prompts kind of hampers the experience. Really, for a 30-minute story, it needs to be that slight bit more lenient.

Still, it was a fun, spooky and well-told story, desptie these minor frustrations. Just something to keep in mind for another time.

it was fun, but challenging at times. Definitely got my blood boiling a bit.

Thanks for playing o/

Loved the game

Thanks for playing o/

you're welcome.

This game was equal parts fun and challenging. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but once I did I loved playing it. Great job!

Thanks for playing XD


Well, I definitely didn't see that coming.

Thanks for playing XD

Really intersting, really difficult but cool

Btw, I'm from Brazil too :)

Obrigado por jogar XD

Permission to Upload your game as youtube video/twitch 

Hi could say if we are allowed to make youtube videos and upload in on youtube?

If possible can you send an email at so that i know for sure^^.

I take it there's no real connection (intrinsic or extrinsic) between this game (or its name) and a certain Ms. Spellman...??

j/k :-D ;-) 


It's a game that I did approximately two years ago, and I posted now.
But good observation, huahuahua


Will you ever make a sequel? :)

Unfortunately not. I even thought about this possibility, but I'd better close and keep this story.

The completion of this was good, I'd rather not risk ruining it with a new sequence. XD

Ooh, somebody should make a Chilling Adventures game! Probably work best as a top-down RPG.